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Couple Promise Rings Set A Little Dictionary of Rings Part 1.

Today we'll be talking about love rings. What kinds of rings are there? There are a lot, and based on their style and where they're worn, they can have different meanings.

The finger on which they are worn could have a meaning. I'll provide you with an in-depth overview of different kinds of rings and their meanings, as well as the place they came from and how they are used.

Let's begin with rings that are dedicated to love.

Pre-engagement ring Let's keep one thing in mind: engagement in Italy is a commitment but it doesn't mean that you are sure that you will be married. Let's say you are in an affair. In America, however, the engagement ring indicates that there is an intention to get married. People who have been with someone for the longest time can wear a pledge to the love they share, without necessarily thinking about something more lasting. In this situation you can pick the pre engagement ring (or promise ring but we'll get into that later). This kind of ring, that is usually simple and of little worth, is affixed to the left ring to show that you're engaged, even though it's not. Sometimes, it is possible to choose the middle finger of the left hand to avoid to get it confused with an engagement ring.

A significant date or the initials or name of the lovers could be engraved on the inside.

Matching Necklaces meant to symbolize the promise that one person makes to another. That's why the pre-engagement ring is one among the most popular.

In reality, promise rings can have many different meanings

I will be loyal to you

I will be back to you

I will keep my promise to you

I will keep your secret

My feelings for you are sincere

I am in love with you

I'd like to get married but I'm not ready to be engaged yet

I will protect your virginity

We are best friends

I will always be there for you.

You are my only Valentine

I will not indulge in an addiction (gambling, drinking, smoking)

I pledge to replace the diamond on this ring as soon I am able to afford it.

A promise rings is like a pre-engagement band in that it doesn't have any distinctive marks and is often of little value. If it is not a sentimental promise, it is best to wear it on the right hand. It is essential to immediately define the exact meaning, the promise that you want to represent with that ring. Some suggest writing the promise on a piece paper to be sure. If the ring is sturdy enough, you can have engraving or initials engraved on it.

Promise rings with low value are not worth returning, however, the person who bought it might not want to keep a rings if it brings back negative memories.

The Solitaire Let us start by establishing that this solitaire, as we'll describe it, is American. In Europe there were many ways to wear engagement rings, which were tied to the country that the couple was from. American films have now taught us the story of him kneeling down and asking you to marry him. Then suddenly, he opens a box with a diamond of varying size. It is typically a SOLITAIRE. This is because the diamond is usually brilliant cut. The diamond (usually with a brilliant cut, i.e. Then if you want to know how many different ways this basic model can be taken to mean, visit this page.

I believe it's a bad choice to be focusing on one diamond due to its cost. If the couple has money, they can pick another wedding ring.

But, it is a symbol and extremely popular. It is not always the instance, but it's not uncommon to see the stem composed of white, gold or platinum.

If he presents you with solitaire, he's declaring his commitment and loyalty to you, and only you in exchange for the promise to marry him.

The solitaire ring is, like all engagement rings, is worn on the left ring finger. Why? The finger was believed to have a vein that directly connected with the heart.

The most famous solitaire ring in the world is the Tiffany setting with six-prong setting. It was created by Charles Tiffany (father to L.C. Tiffany) in 1886. The solitaire, needless to say, is the ring that is well suited to every style and age group, to anyone who is a lover of exquisite design and precious stones.




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